“THE BROTHERHOOD OF BLUES“ – Ramón del Solo & Claudio Gabis Radio Circulo (Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid)

Alex Guitar could well be considered one of the fathers of blues in this country. In 1984 he was already stomping the stages at the front of “Algeciras Blues Express”, one of the pioneer bands on the Andalusian circuit. Later on he collaborated with “Caledonia Blues Band” and “Entresuelos”.

In 2003 he made a turnabout in his career and surprised us with “Hooked on Blues” a record on which he demonstrated that his interest in resophonic guitars had forged into an excellent knowledge of the instrument and his techniques and of an exceptional good taste when it came to interpreting it.

On his latest record “Tarifa Wind” , edited just a few days ago and still hot, he tells of the collaboration of the American Hank Soto and the members of his band “Stony Creek”.

If you like the sound of guitars with metalic resonators, you are going to love it. If you know of the previous works of Alex, you will not be disappointed and, if you don´t, you are going to discover something interesting and be given a pleasant surprise.


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