Alex “Guitar” Garcia founded ALGECIRAS BLUES EXPRESS in 1984 and toured with the band throughout Spain playing in clubs and in blues and jazz festivals. They recorded a couple of albums with Cambayá Records, ALGECIRAS BLUES EXPRESS, released in 1990 and GARANTIA DE ORIGEN, unreleased.

He also played with the first CALEDONIA BLUES BAND. He left them right before their first album to concentrate on ALGECIRAS BLUES EXPRESS.

He was invited to take part in the recording of the first and only record of ENTRESUELOS from Seville and in SHORT FUSE’S last “Thibodeaux Café” and played on their presentation tour.

More or less by this time he decided to set up the BLUSTER CLUB, a venue dedicated to blues, jazz and other related styles. During almost eleven years of its existance, the majority of the blues bands of this country, and others from England, Holland, Germany, France and the United States came to the BLUSTER.

During this period was when Alex decided to put into practice an idea that had been running through his head for many years, to play solo.

Then he took part in an interesting cultural proyect, for three years, consisting of transmiting the blues by means of concerts aimed at young people on a tour of several Andalusian Educational Centres and which turned out to be a real success.

He recorded his first solo work in December 2003, HOOKED ON BLUES, with help from Manuel de Arcos, who played on four tracks, a harmonica player from Seville, who his old friend from the days of the ALGECIRAS BLUES EXPRESS.

He took part in compiling the CD RESOFONIC PLAYERS PLAYERS OF EUROPE 2005 with the theme CIPRESS GROVE, this project brought together European musicians from different countries, with the principal element being that everybody played resophonic guitars and it was published all over Europe at the beginning of September 2005 and in the United States in 2006; Alex is the only Spanish musician to figure in said project.

He has also taken part in:

  • The International week of cinema and music in Huelva – Oct. 2004
  • The International Festival of Blues, Jazz and Gospel in Roses (Girona) – Jul. 2005
  • The International Festival of Blues in Antequera (Malaga) – Jul. 2005
  • The Presentation Fiesta of the Blues Night in Guadarrama (Madrid) – Jun. 2005
  • The International Festival of blues in Lucena (Cordoba) – Jul. 2006
  • The International Black Music Festival in Salt (Girona) – Mar. 2006
  • The International Festival of Blues and other Spicey Species in Reus (Tarragona) – Jun. 2007
  • The International Festival of Jazz in San Javier (Murcia) X Aniversary – Jul. 2007
  • The Introduction Workshop of the Slide Guitar within the International Blues Festival in Lucena (Cordoba) Sept. 2007.
  • The Capibola´s Blues Nights – Barcelona. December 2008
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