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Alex Guitar: Excellent Andalusian singer and guitar player; he tackles acoustic and root Blues alone.

The next to take the stage at “La Ciutadella” was our dear and admired Andalusian countryman ‘Alex Guitar’, an authentic veteran and time honoured artisan of the Blues, expert on resonator instruments. He healthily boasts of his great passions: his resophonic guitars and his profound admiration in which he follows in the footsteps of ‘Skip James’. Have you heard him interprete his ‘Cypress Grove’? Oh, my God! And his exquisite studio work ‘Hooked on Blues’, a self-edited cult CD recorded about a couple of years ago, on which he offers his devotion to and knowledge of Deep Blues. He is a man who has given benefit to Spanish Blues, since he formed his fabulous band ‘Algeciras Blues Express’ in the mid 1980s.

Although he withdrew from the circuit completely later on to manage his own place ‘The Bluster Club’ through which passed influencial national and international people. He carried on working alone all these years to reappear with his latest solo recording. Now as then accompanied by his colleague, the harmonica player, Manuel de Arcos. Together they continued to form part of the backbone of the pioneer Blues made in the south… In ‘Roses’ one could see him motivated by the place and the creative atmosphere, a profound sincere concert, lovely, lovely your the greatest, man. I know you. We know you.

(Report on the Fesival by: Antonio Toscano Pinzón ‘Pin’ correspondent for the Tavern of Blues)

PROGRAMME: RED HOT & BLUES. Directed by Josep Palmada

 Radio Vilafant (Girona)

At this moment it is difficult to find any musician who plays the Blues well and in the most pure style of the time honoured North Americans, but Alex in his album “Hooked on Blues” has achieved it, and in which he demonstrate his great talent in interpreting the most traditional Blues. It is straightfordward and very well done work in which he has chosen to adapt very interesting themes of several classics of the gender. It is an excellent solo album in which he is only accompanied in a few short pieces by a good harmonica player Manuel Arcos.

On the other hand one has to appreciate very positively the fact that it is a self-produced album and this is a great effort on his part. I have also had the opportunity to hear him in concert, I recommend it, because live, you get much closer to the pure authentic country Blues. Live he is terrific. Don´t miss the opportunity of enjoying his blues.


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