Another color of guitar, and very peculiar, contributed to this evening of strings the first bite of this fifth double session. The bluesman Alex “Guitar” García put the staff in his pocket with an instructive repertoire that was worth a master class of acoustic blues. He kept the audience unblinking with pieces like In the evening when the sun goes down, which sounded like a nocturnal, smoky and alcoholic joint. Without losing the undulant and almost sinful tone of the most ancient blues, he spent a phlegmatic mood with a vacilon piece called Déjalo, because if you continue to overwhelm me that way my head will explode, for which he grabbed a fardon silver guitar that radiated metallic sounds.

He added Hindu evocations and mixed the resigned melancholy of the blues’ parents with an almost rural country mood, and festive changes of rhythm, as in the classic Abeerdeen Mississippi Blues that he dramatized with the same guitar hammers that Booker White did, although without his suffering tear A whole character is Alex Guitar, who transported us to the San Francisco Bay Blues emulating Jesse Fuller in a show of rhythm full of humor and musical coordination.



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